Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Empathy

I love validation of psychic phenomenon. When a dream comes true, or a vision becomes a real event. When I see something in your head and tell you, and you say, "Yes, that’s it exactly!"  I’m never jaded to that indescribable tingle down the spine, all hairs on end. I kinda live for it.

A window into understanding, comprehension of a person’s real self. It’s like a billion secrets in my head… Even when I’m careful to leave a person their privacy, it’s more a matter of ignoring what I "hear" more than anything.

Think on it – were you not enamored of me, how would you feel if I told you, your feeling of privacy is an illusion. I see your thoughts, your emotions, clear and close as my own mind, and the distance between us only exists because I pretend it does.

People like their secrets. They need that feeling of separateness. Most people… if I told them everything, they’d run away. Most of them do.

That’s why I’m so careful about ignoring most of what I hear. I’m so good at it that I actually have to stop a moment, and really focus my consciousness of that constant flow of information, really pay attention, to hear anything anymore. I’m still receiving it, but I’m really good at pretending until it’s almost real that I don’t.

However, have you ever noticed… the deeper I tap into you, the more you see of me? It’s reciprocal.


2 comments on “Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Empathy

  1. I simply accept that you see more than the others. The fact that you haven’t run screaming in mind shattered horror means I return you the same courtesy.

    But I am not physically intimate with you. I suppose some might feel a little violated by the depth of contact.


    • I think that, with you and I, because of who and what we are, we already know privacy is an illusion, we’ve dealt with that, and now it just doesn’t matter as much.

      Most people, though, prefer to be private inside their heads… so while it thrills me to see something and receive confirmation, and I DO have a few friends who don’t mind, I still do what I can to make people comfortable, by dint of my handy forgettery.

      It’s nice to have a few people who can deal. I have a really long ear… this whole post came out of a conversation with my footie friend, and I think he lives in Arizona.

      I pulled his latest art project right out of his head, described it in exact mirror-image detail. He got really excited (good excited, not bad) about it. lol


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