Reading – 3/11/11

Amethyst Runes – Element Spread 

Lay out the runes with Spirit in the center, Earth being above you, Water to the left, Fire below you, and Air to the right. 

Spirit – You Now 
Othala (Prosperity)"We inherit ourselves." Othala deals with the inheritance of a household or estate – the prosperity of family wealth. However, on a deeper level, Othala talks about what we inherit from the people we love, the wounds and strengths we gain from our families, both from genetic wisdom and from nurturing. 

This suggests that I am in a place where I know myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, what I’ve gained from my family and how this informs my nature – and I am happy with who I’ve become, even if there are still some things that need work. 

Earth – Physical Lessons

Hagalaz (Disruption) Radical change for the better. 
I’ve made a decision – I had a choice, to live in fear and be consumed by it, or to live in hope. Just as I once had to choose to focus on the negative memories, and be miserable, or to forget them all and only retain the positive and be happy, this decision will create some disruption, but choosing to control my fears, choosing to really live, will be a change for the better. 

Water – Emotional Lessons 

Sowilo (Self) Soul Guidance, Success in Meeting Goals, Revelation that Leads to Wholeness. 
"You control your emotions. Fear is an emotion. Control your fears or they will control and consume you." The tarot reading was pretty blunt, and it really hit home. This revelation led to a choice – I will not be consumed by anything or anyone. I will not be consumed by any negative emotion, and definitely not fear. I’ve been down that road, and it doesn’t make me happy. So, from now on, if it makes me nervous, I’m going to face it, head on. 

Fire – Unfolding Destiny 

Gebo (Gift)"The Sacred Marriage", Magickal Exchange (esp. Sex Magick), Divine Visions, Giving of Oneself from Within 
Just as courage is the compliment of fear, love is the result of fearlessness. Having made the decision to conquer my fears means I have also made the decision to open myself up to true sharing – to truly give a gift of myself. But Gebo is not a rune of giving without return – a true gift implies a responsibility to receive in equal amounts. That this is my unfolding destiny suggests that I’m in the process of learning this right now. 
Air – Future Wisdom 
Tiwaz (Victory)Justice, Sacrifice
Tiwaz literally means balance – justice ruled from higher rationality and the sacrifice of the self for that higher wisdom – building spiritual will and developing sound judgment. It is also a victory of the soul over the ego, where true honesty replaces self-deception. 

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