Libra Full Moon (Seed Moon) Meditation

Take three deep breaths. The first breath relaxes the body. The second breath relaxes the mind. The third breath relaxes the soul.

As you release your third breath, you awaken to find yourself standing in the nest of some bird, on the very top of a high, craggy mountain, with the sky above you, and newly budding forests below you, both stretching as far as you can see. Clouds drift by, and many birds cross the blue expanse, below a full moon. This is the seed moon, a time of conception, fertility, new growth, and new beginnings. All the trees below you are budding out, in blossom and in leaf. Daffodils, crocuses, and tulips abound in newly grassed, sunny vales, and the sounds of the nesting birds fill the forests and the air around you.

Looking out at the world, your attention is caught by the energy of the full moon above you. Your mind is suddenly filled with a desire for your own new beginning. You can feel the energy of the moon above you, and you reach for it, drawing it down into your body, from your crown to your root. The yellow energy you draw into your crown feels soft, breezy, feathery gentle, and as it touches you, it changes you. As it cascades through your body, from the crown of your head down your spine and into your feet, you erupt into feathered glory, becoming one of the great eagles of the heights.

With your new eyes, you see so much further than before… and something catches your eyes, far away. It is a Grecian styled temple, and you are drawn to explore it. Flinging your wings out into the breeze, you cry a piercing call as you launch from the nest into the air. Within moments, you catch a warm rising current, and begin gliding towards the temple in the distance. As you feel the air ruffling your feathers, you know yourself supreme – every other creature, on wing and on the ground, exists below you. Your eyes catch them all – rabbits coming out of their burrows to eat the new spring greens, robins building their nests, fish in the rivers, returning to spawn… you see every sign of the new season below you, and even feel the storm that will soon bring drenching rains to feed the new growth.

When you have drifted close enough to the temple, you know it is time to land. You mantle your feathers, pulling your wings close to your body as you lean into the wind, towards the earth, and plummet in a controlled fall towards the structure below. At the very last moment, you back-wing as your feet pull forwards, and you land on the ground before the entrance. The moment your feet touch the earth, your natural shape returns. You are bird no more but the memory will last a lifetime. Taking a moment to thank the air for the gift, you stand, and walk, naked, into the temple.

As you pass through the entrance and into the pillared hall, you notice a huge silver mirror standing in the center of the shadowy interior. You are drawn towards it, and when you look within the mirror, you see yourself as you are now – all the imperfections, all the flaws you believe of your character and your body – but the false images do not last. Your reflection shifts, as if the mirror is made of mercury, and a new image begins to form – the image of your true self, your God-self… and just as your hand rests on the glass before you, so does the hand of your true self.

A breeze moves through the temple, and the surface of the mirror ripples. Your hand sinks into the flowing, liquid metal, and grasps the hand of your soul’s true self. Without thought, you step into the mirror, and as you do, your true self steps into you, blending two into one, one soul, one mind, one heart, one body, without meaningless imperfections.

Take the time, as your God-self, to look around you. See the world, see each person in this room, see the truth… that we are all one, and that we are all perfect. No flaws, no injuries, no sickness, no sorrow. We are God.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths. The first breath awakens your soul to this reality – still your God-self. The second breath awakens your mind to this reality, still your God-self, as you bring your true self into one with your mind. The third breath awakens your body, still your God-self, you know your body as perfect. When you are ready, open your eyes, and see the world as new.


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