Taurus New Moon Meditation

Sit comfortably, with your back straight, making sure that your arms and legs are not crossed. Rest your hands in your lap, palms down.

Now, imagine that you see a golden ball of beautiful, warm light surrounding your feet. The golden ball of warm light brings peace and total relaxation. Wherever the ball of light goes, tension departs. Let it go, and as it goes, feel your feet filled with the warm, golden glow of peace and total relaxation.

Now allow this ball of light to rise up your legs and up your torso. Then allow it to go down your arms to your fingers, and finally up your neck and into your head until you are completely covered with the warm, golden glow of total peace and relaxation, and all tension is gone. If you notice tension anywhere, send the ball of light there and the tension will vanish.

Take three deep breaths, from the womb, from the root. Breathe in the ball of light. With the first breath, forget your body. With the second breath, the mind and heart relax so completely, all is silent. With the third breath, you become pure soul, your god-self. You remember the moment you stepped through the mirror in your temple – you remember it so clearly, you experience that moment all over again.

You remember that a breeze moved through the temple, and the surface of the mirror rippled. Your hand sank into the flowing, liquid metal, and grasped the hand of your soul’s true self. Without thought, you stepped into the mirror, and as you did, your true self stepped into you, blending two into one, one soul, one mind, one heart, one body, without meaningless imperfections.

You remember becoming your God-self, and looking around you. You remember seeing the world, seeing each person in this room, seeing the truth… that we are all one, and that we are all perfect. No flaws, no injuries, no sickness, no sorrow. We are God.

You turn to look behind you, and see the mirror you stepped through. In its reflection, you see the other side of the temple – the old self, the old life, the side you left behind – and you are filled with joy at who you have become – so filled with happiness that you have to share your pleasure in the world around you, and its perfection, which echoes your own. You face the mirror, and blow on its surface.

It ripples, and the image of the life you left behind disappears. In its place you see your new self, your God-self. You blow on the surface a second time and the image of you changes – as the Goddess once looked into her sacred mirror and saw the God, and drew him out of it so that she would no longer be alone, now you see before you, and draw out, your own perfect and equal opposite.

You gaze into your other self’s eyes, and again are overcome with joy and love for your two selves – so filled with it, you clasp the hands of your opposite self and begin to dance – using movement to express what words cannot.

As all creation Gods and Goddesses before you, as you dance with yourself, your opposite, everywhere you step, flowers spring up – and you know that these are the seeds of your intentions, growing up in your life. You are overwhelmed with the exquisiteness of your creations – and even the plants in the shadows, created by your negativity, teach you something, and have their own strange beauty. You dance, and dance, laughing and in love, full of joy, of possibilities, and hope, all around the room, covering the room in all the things you have created for yourself in your lifetime – until breathless, both your selves come to a halt, once again before the mirror.

Your female self stands before the mirror with her back to it, and face your opposite Self. The male half of you kneels before the female half of you. He kisses her right foot and her left foot, saying “Blessed be thy feet, which have brought thee in these ways.” He kisses her right knee and her left knee, saying “Blessed be thy knees, which shall kneel at the sacred altar.” He kisses her womb, and says “Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.” He kisses her right breast and her left breast, saying “Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty.” He kisses her lips, embracing her length to length with your feet touching, and says “Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the Sacred Names.”

Then he kneels before her again and says, touching her right breast, left breast, and womb twice, ending at the right breast again, “I invoke thee and call upon thee, Mighty Mother of us All, bringer of fruitfulness; by seed and root, by bud and stem, by leaf and flower and fruit, by life and love do I invoke thee to descend upon the body of this thy servant and priestess.”

Still kneeling, he then says “Hail, Goddess! From thy blessed womb pour forth thy store of love; I bow before thee, I adore thee to the end, with loving sacrifice thy shrines adorn.” Kissing her right foot, he says, “Thy foot is to my lip, my prayer up-borne upon the rising incense-smoke; then spend Thine ancient love, O Mighty One, descend to aid me, who without thee am forlorn.”

He stands up, and takes a step backwards, still facing her. She draws the Invoking Pentagram of Earth (from the top to the bottom left, to the middle right, to the middle left, to the bottom right, to the top), with her right forefinger, saying “Of the Mother darksome and divine, mine the scourge, and mine the kiss; the five-point star of love and bliss – here I charge you, in this sign.”

The ritual of Drawing Down the Moon is complete, and now he and she trade places, moving clockwise, so that you may draw down the Sun.

She gives him the five-fold kiss, saying as she kisses his right foot and his left foot: “Blessed be thy feet, which have brought thee in these ways. She kisses his right knee and his left knee, saying “Blessed be thy knees, which shall kneel at the sacred altar.” She kisses him just above the pubic hair, saying “Blessed be thy phallus, without which we would not be.” She kisses his right breast and his left breast, saying, “Blessed be thy breast, formed in strength.” She kisses his lips, embracing him length to length with feet touching, saying “Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the sacred names.”

She steps back a pace and kneels before him, saying, “Deep calls on height, the Goddess on the God, on him who is the flame that quickens her; that he and she may seize the silver reins and ride as one the twin-horsed chariot. Let the hammer strike the anvil, let the lightening touch the earth, let the Lance ensoul the Grail; let the magic come to birth.” With her right forefinger, she touches his throat, left hip, right breast, left breast, right hip, and throat again, forming the invoking pentagram of fire. Spreading her hands outward, palms forward, she says “In her name do I invoke thee, mighty father of us all – Lugh, Pan, Belin, Herne, Cernunnos – come in answer to my call! Descend, I pray thee, in thy servant and priest.”

She stands, and takes a step backwards. He makes the invoking pentagram of fire before her with his right forefinger (from the top to the bottom right, to the middle left, to the middle right, to the bottom left, to the top again) saying “Let there be light.”
The two halves of your Godself clasp hands, embracing length to length, and you become One again – and know the power of your own Godhood.

Knowing your power, knowing that you are the Creatrix and Creator of your life, your reality, your destiny, knowing now that you are a Power to be reckoned with, that you are One, and you are GOD, you know it is time to bring that knowledge into consciousness.

You take three deep breaths, and begin to awaken. The first breath awakens your soul to this reality. Your second breath awakens your heart and your mind to this reality. The third breath awakens your body to this reality. You take a final deep breath, and open your eyes, knowing your own power and greatness, knowing you are Goddess and God, in one body, in one soul… knowing your true self.


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