Black Widow

It was the strange sound of slithering, hissing, suction that awoke me. An unexpected sound, and suddenly I was wide awake, and still as a snake in the grass.

I kept my breathing rhythmical, my eyes closed, and instead, looked with my ears, my skin, my mind, for the source of the noise. I learned two things.

One… I was NOT in my own bed. I didn’t recognize the room, either.

Two, there was something in the room with me. That was what had woken me.

I lay there for a moment, considering. I wasn’t afraid. I was… angry.

The slithering sound drew my attention again… and then a weight pressed onto the bed. I felt the sheets shift against me, and realized I was naked. My fingers twitched, claws peeping… and I discovered my hands bound to the frame of the bed.

I’m not against a little tie-me-down dominance play, in most circumstances. It’s a thrill, a tease. Waking UP that way, however, in a strange room, with a strange creature climbing into the bed with me, while I’m even a little bit helpless… That did not please me in the slightest. I felt the saliva in my mouth begin to change, teeth becoming slick, points becoming longer, blacker, skin becoming slick gold. Whatever happened next might not be pleasant for me… but that I could handle. It was certainly going to end unluckily for the creature.

I am Serenity… but that doesn’t mean I’m without weapons. I’m also Venom. I am Toba the Unweaver – I am kindness and I am pain… and it is only my whimsy that protects you from my more… dangerous desires.

The sheet began to slide away, drawing my attention back to the entity. A thick, silky, rope, with spiky hairs and an odd suction to it, rolled over my right leg. I opened my eyes, and there it was.

Its skin was mottled black and grey in a chaotic swirl that would have made anyone but a Faery a little nauseous to look at. I have my own chaos, and I’m used to seeing the world warp around me… a chaos demon didn’t phase me much. The fact that I was tied up in a room with an obviously amorous one, however… that… irked me. I twisted my wrists, testing the restraints. They held, but they were also solid enough that I could morph a little and get out of them… they weren’t enchanted, just solid.

When you find yourself in a situation like this… you have two choices. You can fight like hell, and end up dead or worse… Or you can cooperate until you can either kill your opponent, or otherwise disable them and flee. I’m practical. I’d rather not get messy, but I don’t object to getting someone else messy… and I was hungry. I stretched the bones in my hands and wrists, and I was free… but I kept my claws hidden… for now.

You can slice up a chaos demon six ways from Sunday and they’ll keep coming. Claws, in this position, were not the answer.

Another tentacle slid across my legs, and the demon’s weight pressed me into the bed. I raised my hands, and slid them against its body, caressing. If you’re going to eat something, may as well make it pleasant for both of you. That way, they’ll hold still longer.

Still stroking that strangely silky skin, feeling the spiky hairs brush my palms, the odd bumpy texture something for my fingers to explore, I used my other hand to lever myself up into a sitting position. I brought my other hand around, to run down its back as it began to morph into something more… humanoid.

Finally, a face. Masculine… ish. Black shelled eyes looked out at me, madness in their depths. A snake’s tongue flickered from the broad mouth. It had no nose, and I wondered for a moment how it breathed, and then shook my head… it was born from chaos… of course it didn’t breathe.

More tentacles slid up my legs. He was getting friendly… and impatient. I leaned forward, and breathed in his skin. He smelled… like a rainbow. I wanted to lick his skin, he smelled so damned good… It had been too long since I’d last fed… I was going to have to be careful or I’d lose control of this situation. I snuggled up closer, my nose and mouth cuddled into his neck while tentacles wrapped their way around my waist, and I shuddered.

There is a fine line between desire and hunger… and I was crossing it fast. Knowing that I was going to kill it in the end… just added spice.

A thick silken weight caressed my breast, suction cup briefly tangling with a nipple, and I gasped. Those strong, flexible fingers, slid up my spine, while my skin writhed at the gentle suppleness. It purred at me. I blinked, startled. I didn’t know chaos demons purred.

Strong tentacles began to spread my legs. I slid my knees apart as several arms lay me back against the bed, while more wrapped around my wrists, my breasts, and caressed my stomach. My breathing sped up as the ones questing up the inside of my thighs found…

What I was waiting for.

I arched under the demon, and it nuzzled my neck, its tongue lashing against my cheek. I turned my face, hips writhing, and met its lips. Pleasure spilled out of my skin, my bones, and my body wrapped around his… and he raised me up against him until we were floating in the air, only the tips of my hair brushing the bed.

There is something to be said for being enveloped in tentacles, every part of your skin caressed by chaos, slick like silk, sharp like glass. I cried out, nails scrabbling along its back, as it drove into me, and I could feel its own desires building…

And then… those desires spilled over into me, my skin caught fire, shining gold so bright I was like a sun going nova… and I drank.

I drank him down with my skin, with my heart… I drank his darkness and his desire… I drank until he passed out, and I kept drinking. The world went black, as I drank… and still, I wanted MORE…

I sank my venomous teeth into his spine, and his body jerked. He woke, every cell on fire, every part of his essence screaming LIVE… and I drank it. I drank it all.

It only took a few minutes… the poison did its work… every single cell corrupted and gave up its life to me. We dropped back to the bed, the body landing heavily on mine. I rolled him off, skin still shining light.

I still didn’t know where I was, but at least… I wasn’t hungry, anymore. I Called, and G popped into the room.

“Well, this is a bloody mess. What the hell happened?”

“Don’t ask. Just help me clean this up and get me out of here, please?”

He shook his head. “Just unravel it. We’ll go.”

My legs and womb were beginning to throb. That really good throb that says you KNOW you overdid it but you just don’t give a shit. I reached out, and touched the body. It began to unravel, strand by strand. G turned away. I understood… Unweaving isn’t pretty, but it works.

When the last of the essences had been unmade, when there was nothing left, not even scents… we walked out the door… and went home.

SO… was it good for YOU? Smiley_Emoticon_Smoking_a_Cigar_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100216-035623-188042


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