My Chart

My Sun is in Gemini, My Moon is in Libra, My Mercury is (of course) in Gemini, My Venus is in Cancer, My Mars is in Virgo, my Jupiter is in Cancer, my Saturn is in Leo (which explains why I really don’t get along with Leos at ALL), my Uranus is in Scorpio, my Neptune is in Sagittarius, my Pluto is in Libra, and my True Node is in Libra.

My Ascendant is Gemini, my 2nd house is Cancer, 3rd is Leo, Imum Coeli is Virgo, 5th is Libra, 6th is Scorpio, Descendent is Sagittarius, 8th is Capricorn, 9th is Aquarius, Medium Coeli is Pisces, 11th is Aries, and 12th is Taurus.
And I was born on a Thursday. Which ALSO explains a lot. Thursday is the Day of Vision, Spiritual Insight and Expansion. Thursday might thus be interpreted as a person who will travel and learn.
My friend Keven said the following about my chart:
sun in gemini is of course talkative, friendly sociable. the other gemini planets help explain your affinity for explaining and teaching, and throwing links at people. venus indicates that you are going to have a need to “mother” your partner/lover. going to be very touchy feely with him/her (altho gemini’s natural “no touchy” may modify that). deep feelings in the relationship. mars shows that you act to make sure everything is in its proper place. extremely high standards for you how physically act. jupiter shows that you’ll attract luck and wealth by being close to your family, for mothering others. you will grow yourself and your personal power by being maternal. Saturn indicates that you will learn your harshest lessons of life when you assume, or have thrust upon you by circumstance, the role of leadership and centrality among your network. uranus indicates that you will/may have sudden changes in your sexuality, and will express your individuality thru sexuality. neptune is indicating a dream for the world to actually aim for far reaching, higher level goals. pluto means that you are part of a generation that (should) value fairness and peace. your visions of your personal balance with go through cycles where you will have to completely destroy and re-evaluate to come to a new balance that is more enlightened and better balanced than before
And that’s EXTREMELY accurate, don’t you agree? 😀

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