The Star

As he leads her into my chamber, I place two crystal flutes onto the small stone table. I fill them to their frosted rims with amber liquid. It’s Faery Nectar – liquid pleasure, liquid madness, for those who are not Fae. It’s made from honey, berries, and the blood of the Fae, and like anything else in Faery, when you drink it, you belong to us, forever.

He brings her to me, and then fades back into the shadows to wait. I look behind me at my other guard, and test their Hungers. They can wait. I always feed first… I am their Queen.

She was small, delicate, her skin pale and cool. Her eyes were the night sky, stars drifting endlessly – I could feel the vacuum of space pulling at my consciousness, but she came to me, not I to her, and so in this small battle of wills, I won, and drew myself out. She wore a long, flowing robe of many layers, milky and dawn. I never know what draws them to us. Pain, most often. They wish to forget themselves in our arms. It’s a good trade, you know – we offer you pleasure and pain, but it’s still an escape.

Carefully, I explained the rules to her. Rules I would be breaking… but she didn’t need to know that. The typical questions, “Have you ever been with one of us? Have you ever been with anyone?” The slow, predatory smile that slashed across my face when I discover that she’s an innocent, I hid in shadows. Don’t scare your food, because then you’ll have to chase it, and that’s always more effort than its worth.

I took her hand in mine, and drew her to me. “I’m going to kiss you. Do you know what a kiss is?” No… she truly WAS an INNOCENT. My, my. “I’m going to put my lips on your lips, and my tongue in your mouth. I want to explore your mouth with my tongue, and then I want you to lick my tongue and follow it back into my mouth and explore my own.”

Her eyes flickered, but she nodded, and I gave her the first kiss she’d ever had. We parted, slightly breathless, her odd eyes drifting more. I smiled at her encouragingly, and then, I offered her a glass of the Nectar. SUCH an innocent…

She accepted, and I put my glass back on the stone. She took a sip, and her knees buckled. I moved – for a faery I’m fairly quick. I caught her, and the glass, before it hit the stones and splashed that precious liquid into the earth below. Don’t want the forest in here, now do we? I righted the glass, and, from the same place she had drunk deep, I took a sip. Enough to gather nectar on my lips, my tongue, and to let it coat my throat.

This… was going to be a good night.

Her eyes fluttered as the guards moved to assist me. Gently, we removed her robes, and they carried her to the bed. I’m not against a table or a random piece of furniture, or hell, even a wall,  but if I’m the one on my knees, I want padding under them. I’m a sensualist, not a masochist.

As we removed her clothing and made her comfortable, she slowly came back to herself, and looked at my two men a little nervously. I smiled at her, reassuringly, nectar on my lips, and they moved back into the shadows as I whispered the lie into her ears, “I’m the only one here…” She looked at me, slightly unsure, a little confused, but I kissed her again, and she forgot what she had been thinking.

I sat back and watched her writhing under another dose of nectar. I watched as those lovely, long, delicate legs writhed, watched her torso lift, her spine arch and spasm, watched her hands grasping at the air, as her breath sped and her breasts lifted, faster, faster, faster. Her skin was opalescent, new moon starshine. It’s always so beautiful, the effect of nectar. I took another sip, again coating my mouth, golden drops staining my lips as I carefully put her goblet on the table next to my own, and bent back over her.

I lay my hands across her ribs while she was still quivering, and rolled my tongue around the flesh of one breast as she cried out. Nectar sank into her skin as I circled her breast, to finally capture her nipple in my mouth, and suckle gently, and then harder, grazing my teeth. Briefly the urge to bite came upon me, but I have as much control of those glands as I do any other power at my command, and I locked the Venom up, and gave myself tonight to this star.

You don’t kill what you plan to keep.

I suckled her breast with the nectar on my lips, cupping the side of it with my hand, and then lifted my mouth off, and blew gently. She gasped, and before she had time to cope with the conflicting signals her body was sending her, I flicked her other nipple with my tongue, one hand taking my weight on the bed, as the other hand trailed down her body.

I caressed her gently with my hand, my tongue latched firmly around her nipple, fingers playing across her thighs, sliding around her skin, but never, ever quite… there…

There’s an art to teasing a person to the point where they’ll say yes…

When her hips began to move towards my hand unconsciously, I lifted up off her breast and whispered into her ear… “I’m going to put my fingers inside you now, and you’re not going to say no.” She whimpered, beyond thought, beyond words, as I bit her earlobe, trailed my tongue along her jaw, and kissed her deeply again… and then I slid down her body…

And pressed a finger into her depths, and my mouth brushed her secrets.

She shrieked, shoulders lifting off the bed, twisting… and the men came out of the shadows, and held her down, my chains, my cuffs, their strong hands wherever I needed them, while I possessed her.

I moved my tongue over her, circling, exploring, tasting, learning her folds, as I flicked my finger across that spot that I know so intimately. I could feel the heat building in her. I slid another finger into her depths, and moved my attentions to the top of her, flicking, rolling, suckling, faster and faster, as my fingers kept rhythm, and her body began to move against mine.

Close… closer… closer… Hips twisting wildly under me as I nestled between her legs, nectar in my mouth flooding her senses, making every nerve alive… Inch by inch, her body gave under me. Finger by finger, her body stretched, and gave under me. When she twisted with pleasure and pain, the two merging as one, and her cries became screams, one of my darlings was there, nectar on his lips, to seal her cries into his own mouth…

Until my hand within her and my mouth upon her brought her to us, and the heat spilled into the room…

And we fed.

Afterwards, she lay, curled on her side, catching her breath, senseless. Out of the corner of my eyes, as I rolled in the energy I’d taken, I saw my men moving in, to take her again. I smiled, and drifted into sleep, knowing that what I’d just done to her tonight…

Was only the beginning…


One comment on “The Star

  1. The Avatar of a star, how uncommon, one must wonder what she was doing in faery. Not to mention that she sought you, instead of drawing you to her.


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