The Iron Staff and the Wooden Wand

20 years ago, I was given a wand by a Guide. He’s rather unusual. He feels like a Totem, but he always takes the form of a human male. The wand was made of a pale wood. It was almost as long as my arm. It was hollow, and the wood was carefully carved into a woven structure. Crystals were embedded in it, as if they had been grown inside the wood. When I shook it down, it became a tall, heavy staff. The wand symbolized my particular symbiosis of shamanism and witchcraft.

I was called to take care of a friend in need, and I took my wand/staff with me. It was… a disaster, and I got so caught up in helping my friend survive the disaster, that in the fray, I forgot my wand and laid it down somewhere.

When the disaster was over, and I had moved on, I left my wand behind, completely forgotten.

Last night, I remembered this wand, because my Totem/Guide came to me again. He brought me two gifts, wrapped in tissue paper. I unwrapped the first one, and it was a staff, made of Iron… and when I planted it into the ground, I remembered the original wand. I looked out over Creation, and saw that someone else has my original wand, and they are playing with it. They don’t know what to do with it. I thought to take it back.

My Guide explained that the two staffs represent two different paths – paths that cannot merge. If I take back the original wand, everything I have become, everything I am becoming still, will no longer be. It is the Iron Staff, or the wood and crystal Wand – I cannot be both.

I kept this in mind, and I turned to the other gift, and began to unwrap it. While I understand that the Iron Staff represents the bringing of Faerie Shamanism into the Human world, the second gift I do not understand at all. I don’t know if I ever will.

It was a mobile, a wind chime, made of pale blue bathroom tiles that had been carefully cut into quarter triangles, and hung together to make a beautiful, ringing sound. I held it up, looking at it, not understanding.

I’m keeping the Iron Staff. I asked my Guide to take the Wand, and give it to the right person – that it no longer be a toy to someone, but that it be handed over to the person who can best use it for its intended purpose, the person most suited to walking that path with that Tool.


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