Fluorite for Storm Migraines

One of the more useful healing stones, there’s not much that fluorite can’t do. But what is most impressive about this soft crystal is that it decreases electromagnetic distress when programmed correctly. I have a choker of fluorite that I wear whenever the weather starts to change, and it’s incredibly useful. It doesn’t help with migraines caused by sunlight, by coffee, by sinus pressure due to allergies, or by hormonal fluctuations. It MAY help with migraines caused by psychic noise, especially the migraines that accompany certain variations of the Sight, specifically precognition… but don’t quote me on it, because not everyone’s brain who has precognitive sight that triggers migraines functions the same way – not all those migraines are caused by electromagnetic distress.

Just in case you do not know how to program a crystal – here’s some basic information.

Unless it is clear quartz, generally you should already know what the crystal is good at doing – this is not casting a spell, this is boosting the gemstone’s natural abilities. Clear quartz is programmable beyond normal gemstones… it’s rather like rosemary in the herbal world, or white in the color world – you can substitute clear quartz for any other type of crystal, program it to be the crystal or mineral you need, and to behave in the manner of that mineral, and it will. You do have to know the energy you’re wanting it to mimic beforehand, but clear quartz is highly adaptable.

However, for this exercise, you will need fluorite, not clear quartz, unless you are already familiar with fluorite’s electromagnetic manifestations… in which case, please add your own experiences to this thread.

Put the fluorite in your dominant hand, and cover it with your non-dominant hand. Tune into the stone. Begin to repeat your goal in your mind – in this case, we’re programming the stone to decrease or outright remove electromagnetic distress, so you would focus totally on that goal. If you’re just beginning to work with programming, repeating your goal like a mantra is ideal.

While focusing on the stone and repeating your goal, know that you are waking up the crystal. All the focus you are drawing around your goal, you are pouring into the crystal. You will know when you succeed. For me, the crystals begin to pulse in my hand. For others, they gain weight, or start to feel cool, or hot, or they begin to tickle – it’s different for everyone. However, you will notice when something about the crystals change, and the crystals begin to push back.

When the crystals begin to push back, you’ve woken them up. Now, simply ask them to radiate your goal back into you (or direct the radiation towards whatever you’re doing). In this case, fluorite can be used to decrease migraines due to storms, or it can be used to decrease the level of radiation coming from cellphones or computer screens, etc. It’s a type of protection and healing combination.

Once they are awake, and radiating, you should begin to feel the energy shifting. It will be, because of the softness of fluorite, very subtle with this particular stone. Give it time – it can sometimes take a little while. For me, the effects were almost immediate, but I’m hyper-sensitive to energy because I’ve been working with it for a long time, so I’m very adaptable and take in new vibrations easily. If you’re not very sensitive, don’t be surprised if you can’t feel it working until you suddenly discover you’re not in pain anymore.

A final note – there are only a few stones that do not require cleansing and recharging from time to time. Fluorite is not a stone on that list. After the storm has passed, cleanse the fluorite by running cold water over it for around five minutes. When you’re finished cleansing it, gently pat it dry with a soft rag. You can recharge your fluorite with your own energy, by reprogramming it, or you can set it out in the moonlight or use another charging method to bring it back to full potency. Please note that fluorite is a colored quartz, and thus should not be left in direct sun. Like citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst, fluorite, when left in sunlight for too long, will lose its color, and much of its potential will be washed away by the harsh light.

Deepest blessings…


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