My Latest Work – Choker for Healing

So, it took awhile for the beads to come in, but yesterday the last pieces finally arrived, and I got them strung with Mystic Blacksmith helping bend the wires at the ends for me. Today I charged them, set them up as a grid, and thought I would share the pictures.

What’s In the Necklace?
Clear Quartz Crystal, Rainbow Aura Quartz, Selenite, Jet, and Baltic Amber

What Are They Charged For?

Of course, since this is a tool for work, all the charges are bound to not only work for me and on me, but also to assist me in doing the same things for others. Anything the stones are charged to do, they’ll do for anyone I “touch” psychically. I think I like that part best.

  • Clear Quartz Crystal: Healing; spiritual growth; enlightenment; concentration; mental ability; harmonizing and balancing power; enhancing energy and thoughts; purifying spiritual, mental and emotional energies and bodies; countering black magick; to assist in diagnostics; to help with communicating with spirits and other worlds; as a master healer; to stimulate the immune system; to bring a body back into balance; to take energy into a state of perfection; to take energy back to its state prior to disease setting in; to cleanse and enhance organs and the subtle bodies; deep soul cleansing; connecting the physical and the mental; power amplification; to stimulate the crown chakra.
  • Rainbow Aura Quartz: Communication with Guides and Teachers; clearing negativity; raising energy when energy is depleted; release negative emotions; gain insight into relationships; remove stress and replace with loving and positive vibrations.
  • Selenite: Psychic communication; aid with interactions with Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardians, Gods, Wise Ancestors, Totems and Spirits; cleanses and charges the other gemstones.
  • Jet: Protection from evil, negativity, psychic attack; absorbs negative energies and depression; promotes alertness; promotes discovering constructive solutions quickly; draws out negativity from auras; uncovers past negativity and draws it out of the subconscious mind; helps with understanding and working with life and Karmic cycles; promotes sympathy; reduces grief; eases tension and stress headaches; assists with Kundalini and Transcendence work.
  • Baltic Amber: Transmutes negative energy into cheer; opens up divine blueprints for examination; draws sickness from the body; draws negativity from the emotional body; brings good luck and success to healings; raw life force; healing; purification; balance; calmness; heightens intellectual abilities; clarity of thought; wisdom.  Sea Amber – Remaining neutral and realistic. Dark Red Amber – Contains and destroys negative emotions; calms the spirit.  Honey Amber – Sharpens intellectual focus; clears mental confusion.

Tada! 😀

Enjoy the energy from the picsImageImageImage!
Deepest blessings…


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