When Magick Fails – What Went Wrong

Someone should just say it. “Magick, Conjuring – these don’t actually fix your problems… working with magick will actually make them worse because what you are within is what you will make outside of yourself…” — a conversation with a friend

Spirits don’t fix your problems on their own.

Spells and magick won’t fix your problems on their own.

Learning magick or conjuring can’t fix your problems for you, either.

As a matter of fact, spirits or spells to fix your problems for you without any effort on your part is a cop-out. Bringing in another spirit or spell, and another, and another, just to have them fix your problems for you while you sit on your thumbs and spin does nothing.

Spirits may have consciousness, but they don’t have physical bodies, and you have free will… they can’t interfere with your decision to do nothing. They are not a magick wand waved over your life to make it all come up roses… if you refuse to plant the flowers, all you have is the original bed of manure – great potential, but still stinky. We don’t tell you that spirits are supposed to be companions for nothing, you know – we tell you because we mean it. Companionship means long term association for the benefit of both parties. They get something, you get something, and best of all, you both work togetherto get whatever it is that you both need. It’s not a cheap way to get Glinda to give you a pretty dress, some nice shoes, prince charming, and Kansas all at once.

Conjuring is not just a fast, easy way to make money. As a matter of fact, while calling up something is easy enough, calling up the right something isn’t… Conjuring is a lifestyle, and a serious responsibility, for a reason. If you’re getting into conjuring for fast cash, sooner or later, someone is going to get hurt. You’re going to be in a hurry, because there is so much market potential, and so many people eager for that imaginary magick wand, and it’s so easy to do. But while it’s easy to conjure just about anything, conjuring what you actually want to conjure, identifying that you’ve done so, learning what you need to know from it before you bind it and ship it off to a client… these are not things that you can learn in a month. I’ve been conjuring here and there for most of my life, and there are things I won’t conjure for the simple reason that I don’t know their energy signature patterns well enough to know if they really are what I meant to conjure. I don’t place my trust easily. You shouldn’t, either. Just because something tells you what it is, doesn’t mean it is what it’s pretending to be – and there are spirits out there that can pretend to be anything, all the way down to the energy pattern… you have to be able to see even deeper than that.

Everyone knows there are entities and spirits out there that will lie to you if you don’t have enough skill to prevent them from doing so – and being able to lie to you about what they are gives them reputation, and lowers yours – which lowers your overall product – the more entities and spirits manage to pull the wool over your eyes, the less spirits and entities who actually might be helpful or useful or at least friendly will come to you to be bound. You lose respect on the other side of the veil quite quickly – and it doesn’t matter what plane you’re working with… even WA entities and spirits won’t give you the time of day if your senses aren’t worth it to them.

If you gain the skill to recognize when they’re lying to you, you gain credit, but that skill takes time to develop. If I’ve been conjuring for 30 years, give or take, and I’m still cautious, that should tell you something. And not that I suck as a conjurer. There are several people on this board who have received conjurations from me in the past, which I have done freely, and a few who have demanded that I become a conjuring seller – and they know I know what I’m doing. They also know that I conjure what I specialize in, and not beyond that. I know my turf, and I stick with that. But I’ve been studying my turf for 30 years. What’s your turf? How long have you been working there? How well do you know every blade of grass that lives there? If you don’t know the grains of sand, if you can’t sense the atomic song of every entity that you might conjure from your chosen place to stand… you’re not ready to sell. You might be ready to conjure, but you’re not ready to sell.

Conjuring and binding the wrong way also makes you a victim, eventually, and probably your clients. If you bind something that turns out to be something else, and you bind it according to the rules of the first type of entity, and not the actual entity’s rules… someone is, eventually, going to get hurt. The more incorrect bindings you do, the more likely you will have other sloppy work, such as leaking portals, entities and spirits hanging out that may not even come from the plane or realm you’re working within, unidentifiable hidden peeps in your basement waiting for you to slip up… your clients aren’t the only person you’re putting at risk – though if you’re conjuring for other people, one would hope you’ve at least taken the time to learn some serious (and I mean Not Basic) energetic/magickal self-defense before embarking… you may not be able to help your innocent and ignorant clients, but you better be able to clean up yourself… It would be foolish not to know at least thatmuch…

There’s also the fact that… if you have entities and spirits around that are hiding from you in plain sight, because they’re enough like you to be able to hide in your blind spots (or malleable enough to mask their energy frequencies and achieve the same effect), they could be attaching to the vessels you are binding for your clients. You may be sending out not just the entities you are conjuring, but nifty little extras that neither you nor your unsuspecting clients are aware of.

Isn’t that the cherry on your garden sunday.

Before you freak out and think I’m judging you, allow me to explain the purpose of this post. I’m not here to judge, I’m here to offer you some simple advice on things you should probably be aware of before you step onto this path – as a keeper, a practitioner, or a conjurer. This is 35 years of experience, and you can take it or leave it. I’m not calling anyone out here, I’m not attacking anyone… it’s in my private blog, my vent section, and it’s not about anyone specifically, so get rid of that thought right now. You all know, because I’ve spoken to you personally, who of you I approve of, and who I do not, and exactly why. What I’m saying now, I’m saying to protect you, believe it or not.

Magick calls to magick, like calls to like. In the Art, we have a phrase: “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without.” It’s simple. What you are, you create. If you have issues in yourself that you’re not working on, or you have issues you’re not aware of, tough. The moment you touch magick, you begin to call those issues up into the real world, outside of yourself – what you are inside, you make real outside of you. This essentially means that if you’re not a stable person, if you have problems of any kind –  emotional or mental, psychological or psychiatric, that is what your magick will make for you. If you perceive a lack in your world… your magick will not bring those things into your life… magick will do the opposite. It will magnify the lack. If you are a negative person, magick will magnify the negativity, and surround you with physical world examples of all your issues. The world is already a mirror of yourself – magick puts it all under a fine magnifying lens.

This basically means that if you have certain patterns of emotional behavior, patterns of thought, that tend to lower your overall vibration, and your self-awareness… you will not be aware of others – you will be as ignorant of them as you are of yourself… and when you conjure, you will conjure things that match your vibration. When we ground and center, when we cast a circle, when we relax and enter trance, to do magick… part of the reason we do all this is because it’s a way to raise our vibrations and step out of our own emotional, mental, and spiritual sludge – so that the magick is pure. If you conjure without being able to separate yourself and your own life from your magick, you will conjure things that will force you to face yourself.

If you are not aware of yourself, and thus you are not aware of others… how will you really know what they truly are?

When we raise our vibrations to make sure that the magick is pure and untainted by our own issues, we are more in control of what comes through – our intent is more focused and pure, and thus, the energies we reach for, which answer, will also be more purely what we seek – dark or light.

If you conjure without being able to separate yourself from your magick, you will not just conjure things that force you to face yourself and your own issues… you will conjure things you do not know, because you do not know yourself… and then, you’ll sell those things to other people. You’ll be selling your own emotional issues to other people – and those issues stillwon’t be resolved…

When I do spell work, for myself, or for anyone else, the first thing I do is forget everything I am, everything I feel, everything I think, everything I’ve lived, everything I want or lack or hope for – and enter the moment I am in right now. That is the onlyplace that magick should be done in. If you’re tired, hungry, sad, grumpy, needy, if you think you’re poor, if you think nothing ever works for you, if you are over-confident, if you are anything other than purely you, with a wide open perception and no judgments and no expectations, you will screw up. That’s how magick works – it gives you back the materials you gave it to work with.

I spent a lot of my life with prosperity issues and love issues. I would cast spells to bring love to me, or spells to help my finances. Any other spell, I’d be fine with, because I wasn’t attached to the outcome, and I didn’t believe so much in the present problem. But with love, deep down, I didn’t actually believe I deserved to be loved. I knew there was something wrong with me. Until I got over that, until I stopped running from myself, and really, really looked at myself, and loved all of me, love spells only brought me people who would abuse me the way I abused myself inside. They brought me what I was. With money spells, I’d cast, and I’d actually lose money. It took me a long time to realize that here, too, I had a deep seated psychological belief about deserving prosperity. When I finally went inside myself, and fixed the issue there… that is when the magick outside of myself began to work in the way it should.

There are systems of magick that are incredibly unforgiving of that kind of mistake – voodoo, and the Lwa; the Left Hand Path and the Goetia; certain other forms of dark arts, definitely the black arts… but even white arts magick is risky. Shoot, when I started screwing myself over, I was working with candles and leaves, and it was all white arts. That right there should tell you all you need to know… if I say that voodoo and the goetia are unforgiving, and I had these experiences with nothing more than candles and leaves… clearly you are on a road to self-destruction if you don’t pay attention to what I’m saying here.

When you conjure, the same issues apply – you can only call up what you already are, or already know. If you have issues you are not dealing with… you will only conjure things that either have those issues, or are representations of those issues. How safe do you think selling to clients is, when you’re calling up your own problems, and offering them to a blind and ignorant public?

If people have been telling you that the way you are approaching your problems isn’t a good attitude, and you’re not listening, conjuring is the last thing you should be doing. Magick is the last thing you should be doing.

Physician… heal thyself.

Then go on to do magick.


You can fool yourself all you want – but I’ve explained a bit of it, and now I’m going to tell you simply – conjuring is not a joke, it’s serious work. Spirits and entities are serious responsibilities for both the conjurer and yourself. Magick is not a joke – it’s serious work. If you’re just after your next fix, people are going to see that, the magick will see that, the Universe will see that… and it’s not going to help you. Respect the work that practitioners,  conjurers among them, do – the years of training their senses, honing their connections with the energies they work with to make their spells, the realms and planes they connect with, and species that they conjure – and stop begging for free crumbs because you’re too lazy to change yourself and just want someone else to do it for you. Respect the spells, spirits and entities too – pick yourself up off your knees and clean out your head, fix your screwed up life yourself, and then see what your spirits and spells can do.

Stop expecting everything else to do the work for you… the universe never worked like that. Meet it half way, and expect togo all the way, by yourself. That’s the only way anything gets fixed around here. Trust me on that one. At the end of the day, the only person you have to depend on is you. Get up and move your butt, or stay in that lovely manure till your garden rots and when you’re dying you wonder why you even bothered with that first breath.

Just to be clear… My point isn’t “Don’t Spell and Sell, or Don’t Conjure and Sell,” at all. My point is that if magick isn’t working for you, or worse, if every spell you do has the opposite effect, if the spirits aren’t fixing your problems, the reason is because you are not fixing the real problems.
Any issue with energy is an internal issue – and until it’s fixed on the internal playing field, anything you do externally is going to blow up in your face. If you start selling your Work to others, you’re involving them in your screw ups. That’s not fair to them, and eventually it will ruin you.There’s a reason that most people who practice magick long enough become dab hands at psychology… they have to be. They have to fix themselves to get the results they want.

If you’re not getting the results you want, don’t reach for making more problems; actually sit down and look in your own head for the real issues. I’m not saying don’t conjure and sell, I’m not saying don’t do magick… I’m saying that before you start trying to offer your services to fix other people’s lives… you should attempt to fix your own – and not by expecting the universe or a spirit to just hand you that fix, but by real, honest-to-gods grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it hard work. Internal work. Growing work.

If you admit when you find a problem in yourself, and you get up off your knees when you fall down, and you might mention that you fell but you also figure out why, and how not to do it again – if you keep going, you’re not part of the issue.

I’m seeing a lot of people who don’t bother to get up off the floor… in fact… I’m seeing a lot of people who are on the floor because they threw themselves there in a fit of pique because life isn’t fun or pretty like they were promised as kids, people who clearly have a lot of growing up to do still, buying spells, and spirit after spirit after spirit expecting a quick fix to their entire life story… and when that doesn’t work out for them, ignoring the real work and instead casting spells, and then whining that those don’t work, and then saying, “Well, I’m going to be a practitioner or a conjurer now, because practitioners and conjurers make money, and get a lot of respect, and that’s how I’ll solve all my problems.” They’re not interested in the Art for the sake of the Art. They’re not interested in the lifestyle, they’re not interested in what’s best for the entities or for their clients or themselves. They’re playing with Craft, Vodou and all kinds of other things, and they don’t understand it – won’t understand it. They’re dabbling in magick – and magick isn’t made for dabbling… either you will Know Yourself, or you will by Gods deal with the consequences… and they aren’t prepared for that, but they’re going to go sell that to other people?

That’s not safe.

Variety is absolutely the spice of life… the more the merrier… if you can conjure the right way, if you know the energies and can do it safely, conjure. If your spells work consistently without any unwanted side-effects, then absolutely, sell your work if you please…

But if that’s not you, you should know what kind of crap you’re sitting in if you’re not here to actually garden. You should know that you and their potential clients are a mine field.


3 comments on “When Magick Fails – What Went Wrong

  1. I always thought the idea of magic was to make a change on the small scale to affect a change in the large scale. In other words make a change in your self to change something situaiton wise in the world


    • Yes, but how many people know that, these days. They expect the magick to change them or to change everything in their lives, instead of understanding that magick is a shoe, not your legs. Shoes help make walking easier, but nothing can move you from where you are but effort on your own part. Move your legs.

      You are dedicated to the Art enough to know the truth… but look around. People are playing with matches in the dry season!


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