Magick As A Gun

These are pieces of a conversation held on another forum. Only my posts, slightly edited, are included.

We all get tired of the Art being disrespected by toddlers who shouldn’t even have matches… And think that a blowtorch is a good idea.

You ever see 6th Sense?

Remember the boy walking down the hallway, with half the back of his head missing?

You know how a lot of us practitioners kvetch about newbies who try so hard to be all big and bad and the darker the better? Well, the reason we 13itch so much is we’re usually the ones who have to clean up the walls and the relatives afterwards. It gets old.

We’re the ones who took the gun safety courses, and then when we saw the corpse, wanted to smack everyone in the room for even owning one, because it was yet ANOTHER dead kid and our hearts are just broken because guns should be treated with respect and honor, and not handed to 7 year olds.

Magick, especially dark magick, but any kind of magick, really, is a gun. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that, shouldn’t be playing with it. They don’t know how to tell if it’s not loaded.

People who know guns… they have the right eyes, and the know-how, to tell if a gun is loaded or not. All these newbie people who are playing with dark arts… they don’t have eyes, and they don’t know enough about the stick in front of them to know it’s a gun and what it will do if they point the wrong end at their faces. They really don’t. Think like you’re from some blind pygmy tribe still stuck in the stone age. You’ve never seen one before. You pick it up wrong, what happens? That’s magick, especially in the beginning if you don’t have a good teacher… white, dark, black, doesn’t matter, magick is a gun.

These kids THINK it’s a stick, and they think they can hit people with it, like it’s some magick hammer/club that will beat all their problems into submission. They don’t know it’s a gun. They don’t know what the flock a gun IS.

My point had nothing to do with the realism of magick, but the psychological effects. The comments stem from several incidents, such as the NMM incident which ended in the possessed raving about how he wasn’t possessed and he had lied to us all and he was the great and powerful Oz. There are, apparently, a few more running around who are just like him lately. I spoke up, because I’m concerned about the… cavalier manner in which any magick, but especially dark arts, and demons, and conjuration, have been being approached by children, who poo-poo us, completely not understanding that it’s their own heads that get reamed in the end.

Magick digs up and exposes the deepest subconscious goo, and forces you to face it and deal with it, and it is neither a kind nor pretty process, even when it’s white arts you’re using. If you’re not expecting that, if you’re not working from an internal place of stability (or worse, you’re going through puberty and have no idea who you are or where you fit or what you believe of yourself, others, and what you deserve out of life, except in some shallow entitlement manner) it’s going to blow a few fuses in your life… by doing so in your head.

Magick, especially dark magick, is a psychological gun. Better?

I’ve noticed a lot of people lately who are playing with magick, not understanding that it shows you yourself… and if you’re flawed in ways that really need to be fixed… it’s going to show those the worst.
I’ve been hearing about another possible possession case… a kid who’s playing with dark arts and black arts for the usual egoic reasons – because he feels powerless, so he’s trying to mask that powerlessness by seeking what he considers to be something that frightens others.
The issue with that is, they always think they’ve got it under control… it’s like snake handlers… “I’ve seen everyone handle them for years, I did what everyone else did, and I got bitten… why?” Because you didn’t actually pay attention to what we were really doing, and you didn’t bother to listen to us in class, that’s why.
Magick is so deeply tied into your psychological make-up – it comes from within, and the biggest generator of energy in your body is your brain’s subconscious. If you don’t have a leash on your subconscious… it will always, ALWAYS warp your magick.
It won’t matter if you’re reaching for dark, black, or even just plain-Jan non-flavored white. All that will matter is you touched the fence… and it’s electric, baby. That’s fun for a second, if you’re kinky like that… but afterwards, it’s a 13itch to clean up.
I’m tired of cleaning up noobs who play with matches, bangsticks, electric fences, and whatever other metaphor you want me to use. I’m tired of them not listening to me when I tell them, there’s a safe way… and it takes a long time. Or there’s a fast way, and it takes a lot of pain… which way do you want to go?
I’m also tired of people, noobs and non-practitioners alike, saying that I’m blowing smoke.
Another kid is about to get possessed because someone in his life has made him feel that he’s powerless and the only way to be safe is to play with the not-so-nice sides of demons.
Shouldn’t we be worried about this as a community?
How many people will he hurt?
The original case of possession – the damage was relatively well contained. Plus, everyone got to see his mistakes, and there’s even a nice long thread on the original forum where the case occurred where everyone can weigh in, shake their heads, laud their own wisdom, and feel better. How wonderful. He’s still possessed. He’s still crazy… and no one can help him until he asks for help. Meanwhile, he’s going to destroy his own life, brick by brick. He’ll drive away friends, family, work opportunities… he’ll attack people, magickally and physically… and eventually, if he’s lucky, he’ll end up institutionalized and very, very angry. If he’s not… he’ll end up on the streets, probably as some form of addict.
It’s not like I haven’t seen this pattern before.
If you think magick is just a mild ability to affect a few random numbers… remember that the brain is ALL random numbers… and these noobs messing with dark arts, theirs are being scrambled.
Who’s next?
To be clear: I’m not talking about guns as weapons that kill.
You’re all missing the point. I’m not talking about magick as a weapon that kills. I’m not talking about ooo, magick kills, so don’t play with it.
I’m talking about this concept, a metaphor.
How do you feel when you hear about a child who’s shot themselves. How do you feel when you see that scene in The 6th Sense, when that boy walks down the hallway with half the back of his skull blown off? I’m not talking about magick as a weapon against others.
I’m talking about its emotional and psychological impact on people who do not know that it has emotional and psychological effects. I’m talking about guns as a metaphor. Guns create trauma. Whether they go off the right way or the wrong way, someone or something, somewhere, loses out. Some fawn loses a doe or buck. Some child loses a relative. Someone loses something. Even when guns are used responsibly, there is a horrible impact mentally and emotionally, for something.
How does a cop feel when they have to shoot someone?
How does a parent feel when they have to scoop their kid’s brains off the wall?
Dark magick is like THAT. It’s not bad. A gun isn’t bad either.
It’s what happens with that gun when people don’t understand that there are consequences for every action, and that magick has more consequences, especially psychologically and emotionally, than most activities.
GUN IS A METAPHOR. It’s the only thing I could think of that even comes close to describing the impact.
A ballistic missile doesn’t have the emotional impact that a gun does. Guns are personal. Unless you’re at ground zero, ballistic missiles aren’t. And honestly, if you’re at ground zero, you’re not going to be concerned. Swatting a fly with a ballistic missile is impersonal. Shooting yourself with a gun because you don’t know it’s a gun is deeply personal, and hurts a lot more people than just yourself… you’re just going to be too crazy to care about that.
THAT is what I meant.
I’m not even talking about the cumulative effect of random numbers. I’m talking purely psychological here.
Everyone knows I talk in pictures with high emotional content. How is it that you’ve all known me to do this for this long and you still don’t understand what I’m trying to say?
Magick isn’t bad. I love magick. I’ve worked it my entire life. I’ve RESPECTED it my entire life.
I’m worried about the people who don’t. I’m worried about the people who don’t know what it is, and what it can do when you’re lost, in pain, and feeling helpless, dark and egoic.
Dark Arts aren’t bad. Guns aren’t bad.
Not knowing anything about either and playing with them anyway IS VERY BAD.
I’m not asking for you to measure your penises and comment on the length of others’ in the magickal sense. Who holds the biggest gun is NOT my concern.
Even a little SwissMiniGun is deadly if you don’t know what you’re playing with. You may not know anything ABOUT magick and you can still do a lot of damage… most of it to yourself and your own head.
THAT is what we should be concerned about.
I’m tired of watching people go powermad and nutty. It’s exhausting picking up the pieces. Get a cluebyfour.
I think that everyone probably has the same amount of raw ability when it comes to magickal talent, which is why I’m not talking about who has more power to do more destruction, or what have you… but different circumstances change their OPENNESS to that raw ability.

In most cases, magick DOES take time and practice, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

But when you rush it – that is exactly the issue I’m talking about. These kids think they’re the keepers of these powers, and the power is just playing with them, from the inside. What are the long term consequences? You don’t know. What we do know is that prolonged exposure for someone who doesn’t know who they are, and who repeatedly assures you that they have everything under control, makes them instead increasingly unstable.

THAT is the situation I’m referring to.

I’m not at ALL referring to the amount of damage a magickal spell can do against an outside enemy. I’m talking about what magick does to the practitioner’s head who is unprepared.

You keep thinking when I say gun, I’m talking about magickal attack. I’m not. I’m talking about the effect that magick has on the psychology of the person practicing ONLY.

I don’t care who wields a bigger stick. It has nothing to do with the conversation at all. I don’t care what that bigger stick can do to another person – except as a side-effect of the practitioner themselves getting in over their heads psychologically speaking.

Does that clarify?

So… who want’s to have this discussion about the responsibility any practitioner has, but especially a noob, towards knowing yourself in magickal practice, and the consequences that can occur as a result of neglecting to do such internal work, whether you are working with dark arts or white arts?

One comment on “Magick As A Gun

  1. it was pointed out to me recently, that all this gun business might very well be related more to me than you.
    i’m the one toting the ballistic hardware and one of my oft repeated Lessons has been “not the God, just the gun”

    bleed through exacerbating your own issues
    it cuts both ways


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