Dear ____ –  you’re a twat. Fuck off.

Love, Nycto

(The above was lovingly suggested by a very dear friend who’s pretty much said in under ten words exactly what I’m thinking… I love her accuracy and bluntness. <3)

So… someone had a dream. It was confusing, and they’re still trying to figure it out. But that’s part of the journey, you know? The universe dumping information into your lap, and having you solve the riddle? 

Only you… you’ve a bit of an ego going on, don’t you. You now want a private conversation with the person who had the dream, just so you can force your idea of “help” on him, like you’re some God with the solutions to problems that don’t actually exist, and if they do, aren’t yours to fix. They’re HIS riddles, and the only person who would benefit from them being solved… would be him… and the only way for him to benefit… would be if HE WERE THE ONE TO SOLVE THEM. It’s NOT YOUR PLACE. 

I have to admit… I lost respect for you a long time ago. 

I don’t dislike you… but I don’t respect you. You’re meddling, and honestly you’re a bit of an idiot. Even I, with my lack of a coherent grip on group reality, sometimes feel that you’re a bit off your rocker… and honestly, when the crazy chick in the corner eating her hair points at you like you’re the problem… you probably are. 

You’re following my blog, and normally I don’t have a problem with that, but every now and then, I try to talk about the things that sometimes happen to me spiritually and you post nasty little messages like, “If you keep bitching, I’ll force my help on you and you’re not going to like it.” Which, really, I never actually ASKED for help. I repeatedly say, I’m going to figure this out but in the mean time, I’m gonna bitch because this isn’t comfortable. I don’t want your help… and I don’t need it… and I’m willing to bet, neither does HE. 

I know WAY more than you, and your snotty attitude irritates me. 

I know my telling you to feck off is probably going to roll right off your crazy like water off a duck’s back – you don’t know how to listen to anything other than your own ego… but I just wanted to take this moment to express my distaste of you, and your methods… 

And to also disrespectfully suggest that you stop being such and ass, and stay out of other people’s dreamlives… and let them figure their own shit out like they’re supposed to… 

Because Clueless Joe should not be leading the sighted. 

Just a thought. 


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