When you meet her, she’s dancing in a grove, surrounded by men and women. She’s naked, and so are they, and she’s in the center of them all, as if the other dancers’ only goals are to reach her, to touch her, to slide along her body, sharing sweat for a brief moment. Exhausted lovers decorate the ground with corpse white and dying grey, and above the sound of the storm around her is the sound of panting, moaning, and the gasps of last breaths taken.

She, however, is a vision of slick skin and smooth muscle, hips flicking in a subtle, snake-like motion, nails scratching against her thighs slowly, eyes wide with innocent promise, lips quirked in a devilish smile – the very essence of ALIVE pulsing off of her in glittering waves, fierce and unbridled. She’s hypnotic, her black hair shimmering, waving sinuously against her golden skin. Strong thighs lead to her perfect, heart-shaped ass, swaying to a rhythm older than the trees. She turns in the breeze, the hands of her lovers caressing her waist, sides, and breasts as she raises her own arms gracefully to the sky, fingers grasping lightening, opalescent claws glimmering with venom. Her silver teeth are bared, tongue sliding along lips in a suggestive manner you’d love to follow…

She is Power. She pulls the earth from its roots and the lightening is her rope. Stars wheel, trees bow… she is elemental, a Master. Terror is her gift, lust is her price.

Your eyes soak up this image, and heat flushes your body, nipples hardening, toes curling, fists clutching at air you cannot breathe, thunder pounding like drums in your blood, pulse beating in time with the crashing of the world…

Do you join her? Do you walk the path of chaos and blood, sex and pain, power and pleasure? Do you bow before Time’s older sister, do you sing the song of the wild and the free, the explosive genuflection of a dying star to the nebulae it gives birth to?

Or do you freeze there, tame, on your knees, as she takes your head, never even noticing that you once used to breathe?

Her name is Serenity. She is Life, and Love… and all she knows how to do is fuck and fight. Whatever you choose… with this one, you’ll probably lose.

That’s ok… so will she.

But at least you’ll enjoy the ride.


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