Beauty Weeps – The Angry Eye

The teacher of this class separated the entire class into three groups by eye color. Those who had brown eyes were on one side of the room. Those with blue were in the center of the room. Those with hazel or green eyes were put on the opposite side of the room. She then singled out the blue-eyed students, and treated them the way racists – even those people who do not know that they are behaving in a racist manner – treat people who are different to them.

The video is a harsh truth. This is not a beautiful thing, it is a thing that should make you grieve.

However… the grief of the teacher, and her decision to fight the issue, her refusal to back down, her strength in confronting these students again and again, calmly and clearly even when they cannot get past their own issues, is beautiful, and deserves to be honored.

Normally, my Beauty Weeps editions are to bring you, and myself, a little bit of hope and faith in humanity… I have seen so much of this world that I could label a travesty – so much injustice, cruelty, selfishness – and the more I saw, the less I believed that we could possibly be anything worthwhile as a species. I lost faith in mankind, a long time ago. I see people posting slogans on Facebook, and not backing them up in their everyday lives. I see people giving lip-service to their inner light, while wallowing in greed and the filth of habitual, deliberate ignorance, and the horror of knowing I was part of that species, and part of that problem, was overwhelming. My Beauty Weeps posts are to remind me that we’re not all bad… that we can change – that we can be every bit as glorious as we can be foul… that we are not lacking in potential, merely motivation.

Beauty Weeps is meant to uplift you, and motivate you. It is meant to uplift my faith in the world… and motivate me to be less cynical, less hopeless, and more active in making changes. I may not be able to change you, or the world at large… but I can change my own thoughts, and my own feelings, and my own actions. I can change me.

As the teacher says at the end of her class… you have a choice. You can put aside the lesson when the clip is over… you can even walk out in the middle of the clip. You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to believe. You don’t have to change anything. You can refuse to see that you have issues, that WE have issues… you can plant your head in the sand and plug up your ears and blind your own eyes, and live the life you have been programmed to live.

Or… you can see what I see… and you can grieve… and you can have two other choices. You can be crushed by that grief… or you can rise up against it and change.

I’m not good at changing… but with every video… I resolve once again to try.

This is worthy humanity.

Are you?


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