A Client’s Responsibilities To Themselves

It should be noted that a healer is responsible for actually knowing their Art, whatever part of the world their healing work ends up coming from, and whether they pursue herbal medicine, energetic medicine, shamanic practices, or conventional means… or some combination. Personally, I’m a fan of mix-and-match. I use shamanistic and energetic, and I mix some western and some Ayurvedic energetic practices, and some family stuff. But my tradition works for me, and it works for my clients, and I know it REALLY well… and that’s another thing you want in your healer… and that’s a CLIENT’S responsibility…


The first thing that YOU THE CLIENT should look for in a healer is that, you know… they’re ACTUALLY A HEALER…

Do they know what they claim to know?

Are they practicing chinese acupressure/puncture? Ask them what a meridian is. Ask them to show you where the ones in your right big toe are. Ask them what each one will affect.. Then ask them to pull out a diagram and show you again. Did they get it right?

Are they into chinese herbal medicine? How well do they know the herbs? Who is their supplier? How fresh are the herbs? Who was their teacher? How long did they study? What are the elemental qualities of the herbs you are going to be taking? What are YOUR elemental qualities? Why does that matter?

Are you going to an ayurvedic healer? Have they thrown a scope for you yet? I was attuned to ayurvedic energies, but I wasn’t trained in the old ways… just the energy – I’m always quite clear about that to my clients. I can claim energetic mastery by right of attunement, but in no way could I walk into India and set up shop. That doesn’t mean I don’t know that what it is I don’t know. If they say they’re an Ayurvedic healer and they don’t pull out a board and start telling you your life’s story, you are not talking to an Ayurvedic healer. Run away.

Are you talking to someone who is a Guru or Sheila? Do they actually know the difference between a chakra and a nadir? Can they quote not just the Kama Sutra but also the Bhagavad Gita and all the vedas?

Are you talking to someone who claims to be a north American shaman? Well, that’s your first clue. They don’t call themselves shamans. Only westerners do that – we use the word shaman all over the place because we’re idiots. I use the word shamanist, because I’m polite, or shamanism. I’m not a shaman – I just walk that way sometimes. Only people in Mongolia are Shamans. Anyway… every tribe in North America has a different word for their Holy Person… and not all Holy People are Medicine People… And some Medicine People do Edgework, and some don’t. Some work with herbs, and some with spirits, and some do both. And each tribe has a different catalogue of herbs and lore they work with. Plus, there was that moron offering sweat lodges two years ago that killed a lot of people.

Are they a reiki practitioner? What’s their lineage? Are they (dear gods) one of those people who has to get every new flavor of reiki attunement ever, like it’s a fad? How seriously do they take their training? Do they actually practice reiki on themselves, and LISTEN to the reiki guiding energy every day? (Yes, you CAN ignore the energy’s suggestions… to some REALLY nasty results for your clients. Trust me. I’ve cleaned it up.) Do they practice the Gratitude aspects of reiki? Do they remember the cleansing aspects? In other words… how good was their teacher, how well were they trained? A lot of reiki teachers these days are sloppy – I have literally heard a reiki teacher tell a student, “Oh, the reiki will handle everything… just let it go do it’s thing, and you don’t have to do anything.” I cleaned up the mess, for both the student AND their clients. And I spent awhile teaching that poor student the CORRECT hygiene procedures for reiki, because YES, there actually ARE some. Reiki has a Glove ritual. It comes with the second attunement. DO THEY KNOW HOW TO RECOGNIZE SOMEONE WHO IS ALLERGIC TO REIKI AND CAN THEY ACCEPT THAT AND WALK AWAY???

There are people who are healers out there. We’re real. We know our stuff. I have several very good friends, one who I trained, six whom I consider to be highly respected colleagues (two who are shamanists, one an actual spiritualist I don’t want to smack, and four of whom are attuned to Reiki, which I’m not always in favor of, because I’ve seen some really stupid stuff happen there).

Pay attention to that kind of thing. In other words, make sure that whatever type of healing your “healer” is offering, that person shows obvious knowledge and proficiency in it… you know? Because… really… anyone can call themselves a healer. That doesn’t actually mean that they ARE ONE.

You as the client have a responsibility to choose your healer, and choose wisely. Choose someone who knows how to be gentle, how to be neutral, how to be compassionate, accepting, open, who knows how to be firm when necessary… and who knows what they’re doing. DO YOUR RESEARCH.


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