A Healer’s Responsibilities

To preface this: To my clients –

I’ve had a lot of people hesitate to use my services for fear of harming me.

I appreciate your care and concern.

I’m an empath. Talking to you and feeling the depth of your psychological and energetic rut is shadows enough. However – there’s shungite for that.. and I’ve also long since learned how to see and not touch. I’m very good at Seeing problems without taking them into myself until it’s absolutely necessary.

Beyond that, what I choose to do is completely MY CHOICE. Not yours. MINE. I do not HAVE to heal the way that I do – and that is not always the way I do things – so don’t make assumptions about your case. Or me. I ALSO do not HAVE to heal, at all. I simply love doing so too much to stop – and when you refuse me the opportunity to help you, you are actually refusing me the opportunity to do something I truly love to do. However, there are three more practical things to consider, and I’d like you to consider them carefully.

Firstly – I am considered one of the best healers in this market. Obviously, I’m obsessive about a great many things other than myself, and that’s led to some personal issues, but this in no way has EVER led to a degradation of the quality of my services once they actually occur. If you can find another healer (and by healer, I don’t mean someone who offers a Third Eye Service, I mean an acknowledged healer, someone other healers accept) who disagrees with that statement, I’ll find the means to pay for a service for you from them.

Second – When I rose from the dirt and threw the stones of my chains into the abyss… all my cracks were filled with gold. You might consider where that gold first came from. Healing is the art of transformation. Your black for my starlight is only the first step. That black in me becomes even more beautiful – in me it becomes golden. In other words… doing what I love makes me something worthwhile… it makes me someone I love. You give me purpose, and you help me love myself. You help me love you. That makes me beautiful in my own eyes. That is no small gift. (If you do not understand the references… stay here long enough and you will.)

Lastly – this is how I pay for food right now. If you are hesitant to harm me for the sake of yourself… please, do not hesitate to harm me for the sake of my stomach. I’m practical enough to take a little TEMPORARY spiritual injury which can EASILY be cleansed and repaired in moments, in favor of nourishing the physical vessel that allows me to do so for so many other people – a path that is deeply fulfilling to me.

Thank you for thinking of me – you have my deepest blessings, love, and thanks…


Now. On to the responsibilities of the Healer.

I’ve given this lecture before. A dozen times. Right now, I’m mostly giving it to myself. Because I should. And you should hear it. I should have NEVER ended up in this condition. A healer’s first responsibility is NOT to their clients. It’s to themselves. Why? Because if your healer isn’t whole… how in hell do you think they’re going to be able to make YOU whole?

There are several aspects to that.

A healer needs to be sound of body: That means: a good diet, plenty of fluids, if they take medications, they need to be stable on those medications. They need to take care of any medical conditions – for example, I’m sensitive to sound, distraction, and light. I need to minimize those conditions as much as possible in order to be as effective as possible a Practitioner. My husband running the TV at a volume he can comprehend (he’s partially deaf in one hear, and wholly deaf in another and REFUSES to use subtitles) for half the night leaves me incapable of conjuring for days because the light and sound gets my brain and energy so frazzled. This is why I don’t have cable. A healer also needs plenty of exercise and sunlight – preferably in natural settings. This is difficult in wintertime, but where there’s a will, there IS a way. I have one other need. I need starlight. Considering my other revelations, I’m sure I don’t need to go into many details as to why. There are plenty of healers out there who have other energetic requirements outside of their basic physical needs of food, fluids, sex, sunlight, fresh air, nature, peace and quiet, and exercise. Those other energetic requirements run the gambit.

A healer needs to be sound of mind: They need to take time for themselves. They need to cleanse themselves regularly – not just bathing, but also meditating, disconnecting, centering and grounding before and after each client, taking time for practical matters… but mostly… we get SO wrapped up in taking care of other people that at least once a day we just need to stop everything and JUST TAKE CARE OF US. Nothing else. Just us. A pattern of centering and grounding, working, disconnecting, cleansing, centering, grounding, washing your hands with cold water, eating something and drinking something is great… adding a half hour meditation every day, and maybe an hour’s walk… but none of that does you ANY good if the whole time you’re meditating and walking… you’re thinking about something to do with work, or with anything other than the moment, and you.

A healer needs to be sound of spirit: Strength is wonderful. And there isn’t a healer on the planet who isn’t. We don’t actually know how NOT to be strong. But there’s strong for other people, and there’s being strong for ourselves. There’s shoveling our own stuff – strength of spirit means being willing to face the music. It means being willing to face your shadows and your light, and be neutral. To accept your whole self, with a whole heart. Plumb your depths, and clean yourself up…

Why? A dirty healer, in body, mind, or spirit, especially a judgmental one, or one who doesn’t know how to protect their clients, is a danger to their clients. Is likely to do more damage than they are to fix anything. Look, we know it. There are a lot of healers who let their egos get in the way. They aren’t Neutral. They judge the energies of their clients – oh, sure, they talk about how non-judgmental they are… but at the same time they’re talking about how into the “light” they are. Light’s just another frequency – and I’ve seen light harm. I’ve seen someone who’s natural energy identified with black and who when healed with light felt AGONY. I’ve seen people allergic to Reiki. I’ve met and spoken with people who’ve had “healers” RIP things out of them, out of judgment, and it has HURT both the client, and many other people… because the “innocent” healer made a JUDGMENT based on BIAS. If you do not ask the energy itself, and from a neutral perspective within your own self… you have no business f*cking with it. I’ve seen that kind of healer let their religious upbringing, or their teacher’s judgments, or some other form of ego, tell them that some forms of energy are wrong, and some are right. That some things SHOULD be ripped out of clients. That such levels of damage were JUSTIFIED. There is no justification for doing more harm than good. We are healers. We are not Judges. Sound of spirit means you let go of judgment… including of yourself. It means you face your clients with neutrality… and when they tell you, or you see, the worst of the worst, you face it WITH them, not against them… not all blackness is evil… and not all white lights are good. Not all red is love, but not all red is inflammation and should go away, either. Sometimes, when something looks nasty, you have to actually ask it what it is, why it’s there, and what it should be… rather than just assuming you know best… because really – you’re just the human. You DON’T know best.

This doesn’t mean that things shouldn’t be removed from your clients. It means that your client’s energies know what should and should not be there, and you should listen as them, and not as you. Your opinions as to their perspectives on reality do not matter, except to answer two questions. Are they happy? Are they hurting anyone? If the answers are yes and no, LEAVE IT ALONE. If the answer to either is unsatisfactory, THEN muck with it. But only as far as the energy itself says it should be mucked with.

Last Lesson – A healer must be sound of metaphysical hygiene. This kind of goes along with sound of spirit, but it deserves it’s own paragraph. Do not EVER let your own mess spill onto your clients. You can tell them you’re a mess in your head… but never, EVER let your energy make their energy a mess. No matter how many screws come loose… when your energy touches theirs… you will be a freaking professional… These are people we’re talking about. They’ve got enough problems that they’ve come to you for help… and they’ve come to make you golden in exchange for your starlight. The least you can do is wear gloves. Sheesh. Hygiene. Seriously. Get some.

Dear Gods…

Thank you for EXCELLENT teachers. Sorry I am occasionally lazy and forgetful when it comes to myself. I’m grateful I’m only currently guilty of the first two – as always, my sin is self-neglect… and have never, EVER been guilty of the second two – never EVER have I neglected or injured a client. Ever. I’ve had good teachers, so I’ve always had an open mind when it comes to people’s energies, and I’ve always been willing to plumb my own depths, too… and I’ve always been careful with my clients not to leave any uck behind. Because… I mean… what would be the point of going through all the work if they didn’t get better?


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