The Legend of the Fire Child in Water Village

Once upon a time, a Fire child was lost in a great flood as an infant, and when he washed up out of the river of time, he was found by a the Water Tribe, who being kind people, adopted him, and raised him as their own. But as Fire Child grew, when he spent time with the other water children, they teased him about his fiery red hair. So he tried to dye his hair black, like theirs. They teased him about his strange pink skin, so he tried to dye his skin brown like theirs.
His adopted mother tried to tell him, “Silly boy… you dress like us, and they will laugh at you when it all washes off, because you are a Fire child, not a Water boy, and they will laugh at the streaks that come off your skin and hair!”
And that was what happened when he went among the water children… and being a fire child, he grew so angry, that he began to fight with the water children…
Then the Sky Father came down, and drove them all apart. He said, Water and Fire must never fight. All things must be in balance at all times – for if Water and Fire fight, then the world will break. Water and Fire work together to create the world – that is how things must be. Cease this fighting – Fire Child is a gift to your people. Learn to love each other, as things are meant to be!


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