Lord Flereous


Ok, so last night, we had a ritual set up for us by Akelta for the Summer Solstice for Lord Flereous.

Here were the instructions:

OK, from your end for the ritual. Take some time. Light a candle for yourself and prepare the altar. Right down on a piece of paper something you want to let go and release. WE will be working with Lord Flereous for this one. And once you have written it down, meditate and take a moment to connect to the fire energies. If you can bring up the emotions that you have around that. THe emotional attachments. The ritual is designed to burn them away and free you from them.Step one – Set up an altar for Flereous.

Step two – take some time and write down a piece of paper something that you’re ready to let go, release from your world… something that is holding you back.

Step three – sit in meditation and bring up emotions or things you have that attach you to what you have written down.

Step four – Meditate with thoughts and connect with Lord Flereous. Feel his energies and the power of the cleanse he offers.

Step five – Burn the paper and release it from you world.

Offerings: volcanic rocks, cinnamon, obsidian, oranges, flowers, passionate emotions.

Candles: Red, orange, yellow.

Element: Fire
Enn: Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous
Direction : South
Colour: Red, Orange
Month: June
Season: Summer
Ritual: Baptism, action, love, solstice.

The incense I made for him as an offering was: Jasmine, Rose, Cinnamon, Coffee, Bloodroot, and Bergamot Rose Oil.

What I chose to remove was: Fear. What am I really afraid of? My last panic attack was because I wasn’t perfect in someone else’s eyes. So my fear is not being perfect for other people. But that’s not measuring up. Why am I afraid of not measuring up to other people? Why do I need to measure up to them? Why am I afraid of that? I’m afraid of being rejected. Why am I afraid of being rejected? I’m afraid of not being loved. Of not being loveable. I need to let go of the idea that I’m not loveable. I need to be loved. I need to love myself. I need to let go of the need to be perfect so I can be loveable… and just love myself because i’m already perfect in all my imperfections.

However, when it got down to brass tacks – the deepest issue, He showed me, was not a lack of self love at all… it was the fact that my heart chakra is missing – has been taken. My Heart has been taken. There is a long story behind this, and it involves the loss of my son, and I really don’t want to get into it in this post, but metaphysically, my body and psyche is treating the loss of my son to my parents as a death of my heart and of my son – and my son IS my heart, so… no Heart.

Flereous told me, “I cannot replace your heart for you, I cannot retrieve all your pieces for you at once – but I can set your feet on the road.”
I answered, “Then yes, please, set my feet on the road. This pain and emptiness is just too much. I need to fix it.”
He put a cap of diamond over the hole, and I felt a shift, and then we said our goodbyes, I gave up the rest of the incense… and then I felt the need to go looking for information about what to do about a missing chakra – I’ve seen missing chakras before, but usually the body I’m working on tells me what to do – but for me, I was wondering what other people had written about missing chakras. So I wanted to do a little research.

What I came across instead was information on chakra removal.







SO – this is the first step on my journey to recovering and healing my Heart – dissolving my chakras, and my separation between myself and my son and everything else, and becoming more open. Removing the chakra system and becoming more in tune with my higher self and with Source, and thus with my Son and the rest of the world, without being battered by it as I was when I was using the chakra system to deal with my psychic abilities, will hopefully make sure that another crash like this last one will never happen again, as well. :love2: :clap:

Deepest blessings…

PS – As I go, I hope to be able to learn to do this for others.


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