I won’t stay anywhere where they will put someone who foments rapists in power.

Once upon a time, in a chatroom far far away…

Huffette is convinced, and has everyone else convinced, that she’s the child of Michael. Yes, that Michael. The archangel. Now, being a descendent of him on my Father’s side, I’d freaking KNOW if she was a relative, so trust me when I say, she is coocoo for cocopuffs. But that’s neither here nor there.
She convinced Bryan, who was none too stable a cookie, that he was a descendant of Solomon. Yes, that Solomon. Then she started convincing him he could do all sorts of nifty things with energy… among them rule demons and battle angels.
He actually picked a fight with something he thought was Michael, and actually thought he won. It was a demon, he ended up possessed… and then he chakra-raped Foxy. Trust me on this, Foxy has a painting of what he did to her chakras. I cleaned up the mess, and it was a serious nasty.
He was flinging sludge at everyone… it took me two days to clean up the mess that he strewed all over everyone in that chat room. Wolfie was the one who supposedly exorcised the demon in the end. I wasn’t there for that, so I can’t say for sure.
Anyway, among her other crimes, she convinced Bryan to send her energy every time she got off work… she’d come into the chat every evening and complain about being tired, and so he’d lob her a chi ball – except that he’d never been trained, and didn’t know even reiki, so what he was actually doing was chucking energy at her like a hammer, and destroying her energetic infrastructure…
And because she encouraged him, and she taught him, and none of us knew this, when I and my student saw what he had done, and let her know he was killing her, and saw the rape and everything… of course we laid all the blame on Bryan’s head. The worst thing was that he was a moderator on her chat room. He was stalking us all invisible a lot of times.
Now don’t get me wrong, he’s still crazy as a rabid coon hound on a hot July day… but that doesn’t mean that the person who put him in the bat house should get away scot free – in these cases, the dog should be put down, absolutely… but so should the owner.
After all of that happened, we told her she needed to get rid of him, and put up wards and shields on the chat room to make sure no more dangerous energetic shenanigans like that could ever happen again. She said she would… but all she did was pretend to take away his mod status.
So he attacked people a second time… and we all bailed. And when she came crying to me to clean it up, I told her no. I also told her I was not her friend, because she clearly wasn’t mine, or willing to protect any of mine, so never to ask for my help ever again. I would not teach her or help her ever again.
Which is why when she asked me publicly on the forum if I’d take her as an apprentice, I lost my shit on my blog. She makes someone crazy, sets him up to rape my friend, and then toddles off to play miss innocent, she’s always memememe on all her posts, it’s always someone else’s fault – when someone else is having troubles she’s got to post about how her troubles are just like theirs only worse to turn the attention back to herself, and now she’s gone and used her empathy to try and kill her boss with ill will, which is black arts – she just shoots negativity at him all the time until he has a heart attack… that’s black arts.
Is it any wonder I despise her?
So. That’s the basic story. As you see, it doesn’t really have much to do with Wolfie… but if she’s up to any tricks, now you can see her basic pattern. She talks a guy into believing he’s some kind of godlike king of morons, and then he does something stupid and she steps back to admire the crash and play miss innocent victim. But she’s such a good friend because she helped him to see his potential. Which is why Huff’s demons call her the enemy. She’s trying it out on him and has been for years. She was the one who convinced him he was a slayer who could do magick even though he’s blind as a bat.

Addendum – Foxy’s comments:

Nyctophilia:  FOXY!
TheFancifulFox:  NYCTO
Nyctophilia: I’m drinking rum with Huffette in the room and I sent Fire a letter that told him everything,
TheFancifulFox: everything about?
TheFancifulFox: the everything that happened in her chatroom? or some other everything?
Nyctophilia: The chatroom stuff… and the other stuff since then between her and me… and about her attacking her boss with empathic negativity which has led to his heart trouble, which is BA.
Nyctophilia: I told him everything. Want to read it? It’s actually not long.
Nyctophilia: For me anyway.
TheFancifulFox: ah. that everything
Nyctophilia: Check your FB
Nyctophilia: I think I got it mostly in order and relatively factual. It was awhile ago, so it might be disorganized.
TheFancifulFox: wait…. wait just a %%%%% minute…. evil annie is actually living with bryan?? no bueno. no %%%%% bueno. so he could be peering in chat without actually being signed in by hovering over her shoulder, or coming in on her account
Nyctophilia: Yeah, Evil Annie and Bryan are living together, You didn’t know?
TheFancifulFox: *breathes*
Nyctophilia: Remember… that was an unprotected, unwarded chatroom… this… is NOT.
Nyctophilia: And you have Kelis and me here to back you up. And you’re stronger and more knowledgeable than you were back then… and from what I understand, Annie doesn’t like Huffette and keeps Bryan on a VERY tight leash.
TheFancifulFox: like it matters. just his eyes looking is bad enough. and he can follow energy signatures as good as any dog
Nyctophilia: We’re here.
TheFancifulFox: what I recall from the past is that annie is just as twisted
TheFancifulFox: but whatever
TheFancifulFox: wow, checked FB. you wrote a novel
Nyctophilia: Knowledge is power… and he doesn’t know what you know anymore.
Nyctophilia: I did not. I wrote a page in one.
TheFancifulFox: ok, it’s not that long
Nyctophilia: So… how much did I screw it up?
TheFancifulFox: it looks fairly accurate to me. there was the time right after the whole mess that he sicced some rabid demons on at least a few of us, you and endy that I know of.
TheFancifulFox: but, what you gave was a decent summary. otherwise it really would have been a novel
Nyctophilia: I  don’t remember… is that just because he’s just not that special a lollypop so I just didn’t notice that attack?
TheFancifulFox: no, you noticed. you just ate them. you came in hotter than hell, huffing and puffing about the nerve of some people. endy was %%%%% up bad though, and you worked to clean up a bit and he even asked magnolia and ash for help
Nyctophilia: Ah. I remember that. Gotcha.

TheFancifulFox: I felt really %%%%% weird for a while, buti don’t know if Iwas attacked like you two were, because it did go away

This is the shielded painting of what Bryan did to Foxy's chakras, instigated by Huffette.

This is the shielded painting of what Bryan did to Foxy’s chakras, instigated by Huffette.

This is the UNshielded painting of what Bryan did to Foxy's chakras, instigated by Huffette - so you can get the full effect of what it actually feels like to have your chakras raped by someone.

This is the UNshielded painting of what Bryan did to Foxy’s chakras, instigated by Huffette – so you can get the full effect of what it actually feels like to have your chakras raped by someone.


3 comments on “I won’t stay anywhere where they will put someone who foments rapists in power.

    • Fire, you’re seeing things. This is a chakra. This is what happens when someone who is seriously screwed up shoves their seriously screwed up energy into someone else’s healthy chakras to overpower that healthy chakra. This is the result of energetic rape, plain and simple. There are no entities involved… just raw, fucked up power from a person who’s seriously screwed up in the head and on a powertrip… someone who either doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing, or doesn’t care.


      • I know what it is a painting of, I also know that sort of trauma, even recreated in art can attract spirits and entities to it. The attract to feed on the memory and potentially the emotions and wounds that it could cause in others. I know there is more than just the damaged chakra there even if it’s leftovers from how what was done was done.


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