What, exactly, is the appeal of dangerous deities?

Magick From Scratch

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:

If there was an adult who was “not safe” for children, we would strive to keep children away from them. No one would brag about being friends with that kind of person. We would understand that an adult is more powerful than a child, and that using that power differential to hurt a child is nothing to brag about.

If there was a human who was “not safe” around pets, who, in their fury, beat pit bulls with iron bars, or poisoned wild foxes on purpose, we would have no issue labeling that person as unfit for human society.

No one would use the word “powerful” to describe such a person. Hurting beings who are weaker than yourself is, itself, a weakness. It is a sickness. Violence against the helpless is what a person does when they feel utterly powerless and…

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